Legal Services

No one goes around planning to get into trouble that is likely to lead to litigation. However, the truth is that no matter how carefully or defensively a person tries to live. Some trouble will occasionally and unavoidably show up. You could get rear-ended in traffic by a careless driver. There’s the possibility of getting unfortunately mixed up in some illegal racket at work. Or the unfortunate occurrence of a criminal attack on your home or person. All of these scenarios require the services of lawyers and other legal professionals. Even making insurance claims and securing severance packages may need the intervention of the gentlemen of the bar.

Legal Services

A good number of lawyers may claim to be able to handle any case for you. It is, however, important to know that lawyers have specialities and specific areas of expertise. Just like you wouldn’t want a foot doctor doing brain surgery, you want the right type of lawyer for what you need. This article is a quick guide to 3 significant types of legal services available and how to know which one to employ for different circumstances.

Corporate Law: This is the aspect of law that relates to businesses, corporations, companies or organizations. Apart from just instances when you have to sort legal problems arising at work or business. A corporate lawyer is someone you should contact when trying to set up a business. This is even more important if the business involves partnerships or joint ownership. You’ll need the legal services of a corporate law professional to set up terms and conditions. They’ll also give sound advice on how to run the business without running afoul of any existing laws. Corporate lawyers will also help you successfully navigate severance package payment issues and other employer-employee problems.

Criminal Law: Here is the part of law that we all hope we don’t have anything to do with. We cannot, however, wish away the existence of probabilities. It is, therefore, safer and more logical to have pre-emptive knowledge. Criminal lawyers as the name imply will assist you in the event of any crimes. Either you’ve gotten implicated in a fraud, or you got defrauded by someone and seek redress in a court of law. These legal professionals are grounded in the dictates of the law about crime. They will make a strong case for you or against the plaintiff(s) or defender(s) – whichever the case may be-. Criminal lawyers will also give you accurate advice on what legal steps to take. Especially as concerning issues like plea bargaining and others.

Law of Torts: A basic definition of torts is simply “civil wrong”. It involves any case that has to do with causing hurt and harm to another individual. This harm results in legal liability to the individual concerned. Various cases of torts include getting your car bashed in traffic (or bashing someone else’s car). Getting a prescription from a doctor that results in the worsening of your medical condition. A Torts’ lawyer would help you utilize the law to get redress for your wrongs or avoid getting treated unfairly.

This is not an exhaustive list, there are other aspects of law which you should learn about so as to stay safe and informed

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